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Integrated in every business function


In addition to the Codes of Conduct we have specific governance policies which aim to protect the interests of the organization as well as all our stakeholders, both internal as well as external. The broad list of governing policies is depicted below:

Governance of Sustainability

We believe sustainability to be integrated in every business function.

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Ethics and Culture

We encourage all Britannians to do the right thing.

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We are transparent about our financial & non-financial performance.

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Product Safety & Quality

We design and manufacture high-quality products for our consumers.

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Leadership Development

We endorse the credo of 'Britannia for Britannians' in the development of our people.

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Ethical Labelling, Marketing & Influence

All our products carry comprehensive and clear nutrition information.

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Data Security & Privacy

We respect the privacy of our employees, business partners and website visitors.

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