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Britannia Good Day was launched in 1986 in two delectable avatars - Good Day Cashew and Butter. Over the years, new variants were introduced - Good Day Pista Badam in 1989, Good Day Chocochips in 2000 and Good Day Choconut in 2004.

This rich cookie enjoys a fan following of consumers across all ages, loyal to the brand promise of a great taste, evident from the visibly abundant ingredients. Good Day is among the fastest growing brands in Britannia's portfolio and it has been the leader in the cookies category ever since its launch. The brand is synonymous with everyday treats that infuse happiness into people's lives.

After two decades of magnificent success; it was time to give the nation yet another reason to have a good day. Abundance, goodness, indulgence and now unrestrained joy - that is the message of this new campaign.

The new TT ad is the uncontrollable expression of the ticket collector's happiness and joy that is stimulated by consumption of the cookie, that spreads cheer amongst the people around him creating an atmosphere of shared joy that's unorchestrated and straight from the heart. The celebration was taken to the IPL as Good day cheered along with a million cricket fans in the stadiums, each screaming and proclaiming "Ho gaya re Good Day". The dazzling brilliance of this endeavour, the contagious rhythm needs to be lived and spread through the nation, making 'Iska toh ho Gaya Re Good Day' a part of the common lingo and a way of life.

Good Day truly believes laughter and happiness are infectious, it transcends race, caste creed unifying humanity in an inclusive emotion.

The brand perseveres to infuse cheer, hearten the nation and enliven lives. With its rightful place on the front page of The Times of India, Good Day gifts the nation a priceless treasure, that of spreading JOY!

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