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The search for young, enthusiastic talent is always on at Britannia. The work culture at Britannia is characterised by strong performance focus coupled with result orientation.

Nurturing Talent
An innovative company like Britannia is always on the lookout for innovative, young minds. The Management philosophy encourages nurturing of talent through grooming of bright and young entry-level managers. The organisational culture provides a perfect blend of fun and learning that helps in the overall development of talented individuals recruited into the system.

Today, with a huge variety of professional institutions spread across the country, there is a broader canvas to choose from. The main sources of recruitment of Management Trainees are:
  • Business Schools (MBA)
  • Engineering Institutes
  • Food Technology Institutes
  • ICAI/ICWAI/ICSI/ICFAI and other such institutes offering professional courses
An alternative route is for candidates to apply directly to Britannia or through a recruitment consultant. The distinguishing factor between MTs and other lateral hires would be in terms of their experience and qualifications. In this case, however, candidates may or may not have prior experience. For experienced candidates, 1 year or less would be the maximum cap to be eligible for the Management Training Scheme.

Campus - Campus recruitment has two stages, viz. Summer Trainee Recruitment and Management Trainee Recruitment. Summer Training takes place for a period of two months where students from Business Schools and Functional Institutes (Engineering/Food Technology/Finance) work on projects with Britannia in the following functional areas - Marketing; Sales and Distribution; Operations and Supply Chain; Human Resource Management; Finance and Quality Assurance. Summer Trainees at the end of their training tenure are taken through an evaluation process to assess placement within the company as Management Trainees. This happens through a Pre-Placement Interview by a panel that assess the candidate on his/her project and his/her potential to fit into the organisation.

Management Training - Management Trainees are recruited on the basis of actual vacancies in the system. They are recruited either through Pre-placement offers made to exceptional Summer Trainees or through direct Campus Recruitment. MTs join the covenant grade as Management Trainee - (function), and are absorbed into the following functions - Sales and Distribution; Operations and Supply Chain; Human Resources; Finance and Quality Assurance. The Marketing function has so far been insulated from the Management Training Route as entry level marketing positions require knowledge of Sales or prior knowledge of Marketing (lateral route).

The Program - Once MTs are on-board, they are taken through a series of carefully designed Training Modules that encompass almost all functions of the business. The Training Modules are interspersed with live projects in different functions to test their knowledge and problem-solving abilities. Ideally, any Management Trainee would need to complete at least 2 live projects related to his/her stream of interest and 1 live project in a related function or a function of choice.

At the end of the training period, all MTs are assessed on the basis of their learning and project performances by a cross-functional panel consisting of Functional Heads. On successful completion of their Training Program, MTs are confirmed as Managers in their respective functions.

The total tenure of Management Training is 18 months for a Technical Trainee (Engineer/Food Technologist) and 12 months for all other trainees.