Not many companies can boast a 100-year distinguished history, and fewer still can be linked with stakeholders and markets across continents. This superlative trajectory notwithstanding, at Britannia it's always been recognized that none of it would have been possible without the people. Over the years, Britannia has been associated with many brilliant careers, and evidence of the success of its strategic-yet-friendly people policies is to be seen in the current crop of management and staff and indeed the performance of the company itself.

Part of the allure of working at Britannia emanates from our strong belief in nurturing people so they can get in their full stride. The other aspects that make Britannia a coveted destination include proffered opportunities for growth, and that 'idea leadership' and 'accountability' are encouraged every step of the way.

Today, with the extraordinarily dynamic and adaptive people we attract, Britannia is fully geared for the new-age business paradigm. If you feel you are in sync with the Britannia vision, do call us to explore opportunities in your sphere of work.