At Britannia, we welcome diversity as a critical lever to build a vibrant and inclusive workplace and provide equal employment opportunities across functions regardless of age, gender, religion or any other factor. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination. All our employees undergo training on ways to prevent and report discrimination and harassment at the workplace. A rich diversity of age and gender is prevalent across the company. Women play a key role in taking the company forward and hold roles across functions and levels at our factories and in contract jobs.


We believe that collaborating and assisting diverse businesses fosters more creativity and helps us better meet the demands of our customers. We are amplifying our Diversity, Equality, and Inclusiveness (DEI) activities, which focus at actually developing a diverse workforce that will bring valuable ideas and thoughts that break down barriers and overcome biases and look beyond gender. We have achieved diversity of 43% of the workforce (workmen cadre) across our plants, and we are working to attain greater balance. Our Anti - Sexual Harassment and Whistle Blower policies enable all employees across levels to find a voice to register grievances. We conduct trainings on the subject matter across levels and the awareness and sensitization reflected among the employees.

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